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Last updated: 2023-03-05


After my first year of fatherhood and with everything going on in the world and on the internet, I’ve decided it’s time to rebuild. I’m not talking about just my personal website, but about reworking how I build: how I extract ideas, track them, evaluate them and build them. I’d like to start by reorganizing and rebuilding my own personal web tools and properties, but will also explore cloning popular web apps, like Instagram, Notion and Twitter, as fun exercises of rebuilding well known real world applications. This will allow me to find a new dedicated home for my own projects and data that I can control and play with. The hope is to use this experiment to get back to basics and first principles, to rebuild strong foundations that can easily be expanded upon in the future, and to just have some fun building on the web again (something that feels lost at the moment).

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